How to Make Beaded Lizard

How to Make Beaded Lizard?

So, you have noticed cute looking beaded lizard key rings, necklaces, finger rings, backpack zippers, strings, and many other hand crafted things online. Are you planning to craft this adorable lizard, and use it as a jewelry or keyring?

Although it seems quite easy to craft, if you have no crafting ideas and skills, making one might not be an easy thing for you. For this reason, this guide will tell you how to make beaded lizard even if you have never crafted anything before.

Into the Crafting

For your convenience, the guide is divided into three parts — crafting the body, head and neck, legs, and body and tail.

The Body

Crafting Beaded Lizard

For a longer lizard, you will need a longer string, sounds quite legit. A three feet string will be enough for most cases. You can either go with a smaller or larger string as per the size you want.

Now, fold the string so that the two ends meet equally. There will be a loop at the other end of the cord or string.

Take a keychain clasp, and run the loop through its bottom. You can go with any kind of clasp. Make a slipknot around the clasp. So the clasp has your loop, and the long string is on the other side.

To make the slipknot, simply pull the both ends of the string through the loop. Pull it tight, the knot will hold the lizard in place while crafting.

Furthermore, to make sure it doesn’t move while you make the lizard, consider taping down the clasp to surface where you are crafting. The strings should drape towards you. You should easily be able to tell which one is the left and right string.

Take Care of the Head and Neck

Crafting Head and Neck

Pre-decide the color you want for the body of the little lizard. Now, insert two beads into the left string. Don’t take the beads all the way close to the loop, dangle the beads a bit towards the end.

Then, thread the right one, and insert it through the beads of the left string. Now, pull both ends of the string to take the beads all the way up to near the loop. Both the string should go through the center of the beads in their opposite directions.

Take the two beads for eyes, and one more for body color, insert them into the left string. Again, slide the right string through the left beads, and this is pretty much the same way to move the beads to the top, threading the right one through the left beads.

So, the body bead stays in the middle, sandwiched by the two eye beads. Again, the body and eyes should be different in color to be able to distinguish each body part.

Insert two more beads for the neck, do exactly the same way to thread as you did previously. Neck and body-color should be the same. Again, insert three more beads for the little flair. You can choose a different color for the center.

Crafting the topmost part of the lizard is done.

Add the Legs

At this stage of crafting, take three beads for making the feet and two for the body. Both the feet should have the same colored beads.

Crafting Beaded Lizard Legs

Slide two body beads through the left string all the way down to the body. Then, slide feet beads, these should go above the legs.

Here comes the tricky part. To create the legs, you need to thread the left string into two leg beads. Don’t get confused with the three beads of the legs. Leave one bead that is close to the body. Here the only concern is the other two leg beads.

Furthermore, tighten the string by pulling it. You may need to make a little adjustment using your fingers if needed. So, the first leg is done. Remember, when you are making the left leg, only thread into the left string, no need to touch the right string.

Similarly, when you are to make the left leg, do the same as you did for the left leg. Only thread through the right string, nothing to do with the left one.

You are done with both the legs. It’s time to move towards the body.

Finishing Touch to the Body and Tail

As you did during the first stage of crafting this little lizard, do the same to make more three rows for the body. The procedures are the same, three beads into the left, threading the right string through the left one, pulling both ends of the string to slide the beads.

Further, add two more beads for the body, this is going to make the base for the tail. Beads on the left, feed them through the right string, it’s the same.

Now, for the tail, slide one bead into the left string, thread the right one through the left, and pull towards the opposite side. So, the process is the same as well. The only difference is, you need to insert one bead creating each layer. If you want the tail to look different, use a different color, or a combination of two colors.

How many beads for the tail? As long as you want. It can be 6, 7, or even 10, it’s up to your preference.

When you are done with the tail, tie a double knot at the bottom to make the beads tight and stay together. You can make a shoe knot or simple square one or anything else. But, make sure you double the knot.

Final Words

If you find difficulties regarding threading and sewing, you can ask a friend who is a student of textile engineer. Your grandma can help you to do it as well, if you still have her.

Use your little handcrafted beaded lizard as a key ring or attach with a ring or necklace. People will surely ask about the lizard. Hopefully, you will be able to guide them about how to make beaded lizard.

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